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Marzano Lawyers PLLC has offices in New York City, Rome, Italy and Salerno, Italy.  Our international lawyers work together to offer seamless cross-border services to clients in the United States and globally.  The firm’s origins lay in the Italian law firm of Marzano & Associates established in 1965 by Aldo Marzano and Arturo Budetta.  After over forty-five years of practice in Italy, the firm expanded its practice to New York in 2005 thereafter continuing to operate as Marzano Lawyers PLLC.  Most recently, in 2012, the firm established a third office in Rome, Italy.

The transatlantic collaboration of its three offices allows the firm to provide foreign and domestic legal services in New York, Connecticut and Italy.  While a substantial portion of the firm’s clients and cases involve international issues, the firm also represents clients locally in New York, Connecticut and Italy.

Marzano Lawyers PLLC ‘s international attorneys combine the experience and talent of attorneys from large law firms with the personal service of a boutique firm.  Marzano Lawyers PLLC lawyers work on a broad spectrum of commercial and private matters throughout the world, focusing on small to midsized companies and private individuals who require personalized and cost effective attention to their matters.

Our primary practice areas include:

Contact our firm if you are in need of the services of a boutique business law firm that understands the complexity of dealing with these domestic and international commercial matters.

The law firm of Marzano Lawyers PLLC has attorneys and lawyers licensed in Italy, New York, Connecticut and US Federal Courts.

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